Dynamic RS bradoon 14 mm double jointed

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Material: Sensogan with stainless steel rings / cheeksRing type: Loose Ring SnaffleThickness: 14 mmMouthpiece: Double jointedRing-Ø: 55 mmLooking for a perfect

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Artikelnummer: 7525

Material: Sensogan with stainless steel rings / cheeks

Ring type: Loose Ring Snaffle

Thickness: 14 mm

Mouthpiece: Double jointed

Ring-Ø: 55 mm

Looking for a perfect fit? Look no further than the Dynamic RS bits. This series of bits is ergonomically designed: Their joints are always angled forwards by 45°. This way they allow for an even distribution of pressure. Because all Dynamic RS bits fit anatomically correct between the tongue and palate, they are easy on the mouth, allow effective aiding and are suitable for horses with small mouths or very fleshy tongues. 

The fixed sides of this bit allow direct transmission of the rein aid to the horse's tongue and lower jaw. In addition, they protect the sensitive corners of the mouth and frame the horse slightly at the sides. The bit lies particularly quietly in the mouth.